Personal Development

At SPWT we have a whole school approach to our Personal Development provision. The aim of the ‘Personal Development’ programme is to equip our graduates with the skills required to live healthy, well informed, independent, and financially literate lifestyles, within modern British society.  
At each key stage across the Foundation and Trust Schools, we offer a broad and balanced ‘Personal Development’ curriculum which explores the core themes of Health and Wellbeing (Mental and Physical Health) Relationships Sex Education and Living in the Wider World (SMSC & Citizenship) which helps enable our students to better navigate the world as true global citizens.

Personal Development is delivered through our Tutor Time Programmes, Enrichment Activities, Themed Assemblies, Targeted Workshops which are sometimes facilitated by External Agencies and Bespoke Personal Development Lessons which take place once each half term for 50 minutes. In addition, some Personal Development topics and issues are further explored through our Core Graduate Curriculum.

Through our Personal Development offer, our graduates are encouraged to be aware of current affairs as the world changes and engage in sensible and balanced discussions and debate based upon current issues to further develop their critical thinking and communication skills. In addition, students are given a variety of opportunities to reflect on their experiences and develop as well-rounded individuals who are safe from risks.

Personal Development Curriculum

The Personal Development curriculum offers our students a variety of opportunities to explore the following three core themes as outlined by the DfE: Health and Wellbeing, (Mental and Physical Health) Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Living in the Wider World (SMSC & Citizenship). Once each half-term the core curriculum is collapsed across the whole school and 50 minutes is dedicated to a bespoke lesson which explores one of the core themes. In addition, for the entire half-term the theme is explored through a range of activities during tutor time.

Example of Year 7 PD Curriculum


Core Theme


Exploration Aims

Autumn 1

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Becoming a Teenager: An Exploration of Puberty

To understand the physical and emotional effects hormonal changes have on the body during puberty

Autumn 2

Health and Wellbeing (Mental and Physical Health)

I Matter:  An Exploration of Personal Hygiene and Self Care

To understand the importance of having good personal hygiene and the effects poor personal hygiene can have

Spring 1

Living in the Wider World (SMSC & Citizenship)

Navigating the World Wide Web: An Exploration of how to safely use the Internet

To understand how to navigate the internet safely

To understand the positive and negative effects of social media

Spring 2

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

The best relationships start with Respect:

An exploration of how to nurture positive relationships

To understand the role respects plays in developing positive friendships and relationships

Summer 1

Health and Wellbeing (Mental and Physical Health)

Becoming You: An Exploration of how to nurture positive self-esteem

To understand the role positive self-esteem plays in living a healthy life style

Summer 2

Living in the Wider World (SMSC & Citizenship)

Know your Rights: An Exploration of British Governance

To understand how the British government works

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