The library at SPWT is an integral part of the school community offering an inclusive and comfortable space for students to study and find a new book. We are keen to promote reading and learning and we recognise that students who read and use their school library are more likely to have a higher academic attainment, developed reading and writing skills, as well as having a positive impact on their attitude towards reading.

Our library is currently operating on a rota-based system to allow students access to resources in a safe and controlled way. Our dedicated librarian, Ms Farley, with the help of the library assistant, Ms Sandra, are always there to help and make book recommendations. Students can find the library trolley on their playground at lunchtime on the following days:

 Day  Year Group
 Monday  Year 7
 Tuesday  Year 8
 Wednesday  Year 9

The library team will make every effort to see students on a different day if affected by adverse weather.

Due to the current circumstances, students can borrow one book at a time for up to two weeks, they must return their current book before getting another. It is important that students return their library books on time so that their peers have the opportunity to access these texts. Students can renew their library book by speaking to either Ms Farley or Ms Sandra.

Our library stocks a wide selection of books to appeal to all student’s interests including fiction, non-fiction, manga, graphic novels, poetry, short stories, anthologies, and classic literature. If you would like to make a book recommendation for the library, then please contact Ms Farley or by emailing

Reading Cloud

Students can access Reading Cloud to view the entire library catalogue. Every student has their own library account where they can view their current and previous loans, and book recommendations based off their reading habits, they can also reserve a book via Reading Cloud, and write a review of a book that they have read. Ms Farley and Ms Sandra recommend making use of the 'Reserve a Book' feature to ensure that students have quick access to the books they would like to read.

To access Reading Cloud, students can request their login details from either Ms Sandra or Ms Farley, or by emailing Students can also download the Reading Cloud Android or Apple app to their mobile phone or tablet.

Please find the link to Reading Cloud here (or via the library menu) and see more information about accessing Reading Cloud through the guides at the bottom of this page.

Sora: online library of eBooks and Audiobooks

The library has recently acquired an online library of over 2,000 eBooks and Audiobooks available to all students. Sora can be accessed from anywhere at any time and is particularly helpful for students who prefer to use a device for reading and learning. Sora is hosted by OverDrive and offers a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts in multiple formats and languages. Students can complete reading challenges and receiving reading recommendations via Sora to encourage and inspire a love of reading. 

Students can access the Sora App by either visiting the website or by downloading the 'Sora' app from the Android or Apple app store for phone and tablet devices. Once students have entered the site, they should do the following:

  1. Select our school by either typing in the full name of the school (St Paul's Way Trust School), including the apostrophe, or by selecting 'Secondary eBooks NOW' which hosts all UK schools
  2. Select 'St Paul's Way Trust School from the dropdown menu
  3. You will then be redirected to the Microsoft portal, students should enter their full school email address and password

Keen library users can also link their local library to this app to expand the collection of eBooks and Audiobooks even further.