Deaf Support Base

The Deaf Support Base (DSB) is a specialist provision which caters for the needs of our deaf students. St Paul’s Way Trust School  the only secondary school in Tower Hamlets that has an integrated deaf provision in a mainstream setting. Formal procedures for admissions are undertaken by the local authority in consultation with the school. An auditory oral teaching approach is used in the school. Sign Supported English (SSE) is used to support information exchanges and conversations when and if necessary to ensure successful communication and interactions.

All the members of staff are trained to meet the specific needs of every deaf child. Support is offered within the mainstream classroom, with additional support provided through small group targeted interventions and one-to-one sessions by the team of Teachers of the Deaf and specialist Learning Support Assistants. The DSB carry out checks on audiology equipment on a daily basis. Students have regular sessions with a Speech and Language Therapist and Healthy Minds workshops. British Sign language (BSL) sessions are offered to all the students and many go on to achieve Level 1 and level 2 qualifications. All students are encouraged to fulfil their potential, both academically and vocationally. Expectations are high and all Deaf students actively contribute in the life of the school.

DSB Staff

Teachers of the Deaf

Parmbir Dhillon (SL)
Nur Uddin (SD)

Specialist Instructor of the Deaf

Shelina Rahman

Specialist Support Assistants

Mel Carroll (HLTA)
Denise Holland
Armin Sarkar
Agency LSAs



  • The DSB students are placed in mainstream tutor groups along with their hearing peers and are taught in mainstream classes for the majority of the school timetable. There are opportunities for 1:1 and small group work for students who require additional support.
  • Students are supported in class by an experienced team of Learning Support Assistants and Teachers of the Deaf. The DSB staff work closely with subject teachers in order to make sure work is fully accessible and ensure that students can learn and achieve their potential.


  • Speech and language therapy.
  • British Sign language (BSL).
  • Healthy Deaf Minds

Registration and Assemblies

Students from the DSB are assigned  to tutor groups with other students from the provision, and supported by a specialist member of staff from the DSB.

Deaf Culture and the local community

We strive to promote Deaf Awareness within the school community and all staff have deaf awareness training. Deaf awareness and sign language is included in the pastoral programme at school.

Audiology and Equipment

Students at St Paul’s Way Trust School are empowered to become independent users of their audiology equipment.

The DSB provides audiological care and maintenance, in order that the students receive maximum benefit from their hearing aids and radio aids. Students have access to specialist staff who provide daily equipment checks.

In lessons, students use the Roger Touchscreen Mic so they have clear access to the teacher’s voice over distance. All teachers are provided with regular training opportunities to ensure deaf friendly strategies are used in classrooms and assisted technology is used effectively.

Hackney Ark audiologists and the Tower Hamlets Peripatetic Team provide regular visits and support.

Tower Hamlets Local Offer

You can find out more about SEND in the borough on the Tower Hamlets Local Offer website.

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