SPWT Anti-racism Statement

At St Paul’s Way Trust School, we are committed to our mission of making the school ‘the best place to learn in, the best place to work in and the best place to partner with.’ As part of this we are proud of the school’s approach to inclusion and diversity, and our zero-tolerance approach to racism. 

"Every child and adult in our school community has the right to be protected from prejudicial views and behaviours. Prejudicial language or behaviour can be defined as words or acts based on preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience, for example, not liking a person based on their skin colour or sexual identity. Within our school we will not tolerate any prejudicial language or behaviour aimed either at students or adults. We are committed to celebrating and promoting diversity, equality and inclusion for all stakeholders."

The school is committed to continuing to develop and improve our anti-racist approach, so that we can progress as a community towards our collective vision of providing a transformational education for our young people. 

In January 2022 all students took part in a personal development session focusing on challenging prejudices and stereotypes. Students explored the negative effects that racist banter and stereotypes can have and how we are all responsible for standing up and challenging all forms of racism. A copy of the video that students will watch can be found below.

At SPWT we have a zero-tolerance approach to:  

  • Prejudice in the form of racist aggression  
  • Prejudice in the form of racist ‘banter’  
  • Prejudice in the form of racist stereotype 

Should an instance of the above occur, our staff will challenge the comments and the student will receive a sanction decided on a case-by-case basis in line with our behaviour policy.

We encourage parents to discuss this important message with their child and we thank you for your support in making our school the best place to learn in, the best place to work in and the best place to partner with.

For more information on our equalities work you can find our equalities objectives and a copy of our equalities policy.

If you have any further questions, you can submit them via this form.

Anti-racism Assembly