Student Leadership

In the Foundation School, our pupils have the opportunity to take on a number of different leadership roles during their time with us. These roles give our pupils an opportunity to actively contribute to improving our school, supporting their peers and teachers and to develop a range of leadership skills. Our student leaders are chosen in a variety of ways; through pupil elections, teacher nominations, club membership and written application and selection processes. Below you can read more about the roles carried out by our different student leaders.

School Council

We are a council of elected representatives from Y1 to Y6. We meet half termly to discuss how we can continue to make our school a happy, safe, and fun learning environment. We know it is important to listen to the views of our friends and we do this by running Council Surgeries at break time and then share the views during our meetings.

School Ambassadors

We are ambassadors for St Paul’s Way Foundation – we have to be good representatives of our school. We make sure visitors, parents and new pupils feel welcome in our school. We also help our fellow pupils to show the best face of our school. Tasks we do include greeting parents at performances, talking to visitors about out school and helping to remind others to care for our school.

Friendship Ambassadors

We are a team of children who make sure that no one ever feels alone in our playground. If children need a friend to play with they go to our Friendship Stop. One of the Friendship Ambassadors will go and talk to them and help them find someone to talk to or play with. We make sure that our playground is a happy, friendly place in which everyone is included.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

We uphold an ethos of inclusivity. If we see a problem, we are ‘up-standers’, not bystanders. We encourage our fellow pupils to speak out openly about issues they may be having and to be a ‘telling’ school to create a better environment for all. As a team, we have received training alongside other Tower Hamlets pupils to help us fulfil our role.


We are a team of children (Year 1 to Year 6) who support our school in becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We have Eco-Meetings to discuss environmental issues and changes we can implement. Tasks have involved us planting trees in Mile End Park, leading on our gardening project in school and education our school community on environmental issues, such as air pollution and plastic pollution.