Student Leadership

In the Foundation School the process of becoming a Student Leader is a democratic one where students are elected for the role. The SL for Communication will deliver an assembly about democracy and representation and explain the process for the Student Council.

Students may be nominated by their peers, teachers or themselves. They then will prepare a speech on explaining why they should be the representative for their class. The class will then vote, the student who receives the majority of votes will be the Student Leader of that class.


There is a representative for Venus (Yr1), Mercury (Yr1), Earth (Yr2), Mars (Yr2), Jupiter (Yr3), Neptune (Yr4) and Uranus (Yr4). There will be one by and one girl elected to represent each class. All student leaders are expected to wear purple student leader badges at all times during their tenure.

The tenure of the student leader is for one year, and the selection process takes place during Autumn Term 1 (September) each year.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are nominated by class teachers and SLT and supplement the student leadership group during key events such as Open Evenings/Mornings, Foundation Day, Enrichment events, Concerts and School Productions etc.

Council Meetings

Student Council Surgeries

In the Foundation School, there are Student Council Surgeries held at break time for KS1 and KS2 two days prior to Student Council meeting. Students will be able to come and speak to the respective Student Leaders about any issues they would like addressed at the Student Council. Moreover, it is an opportunity to receive feedback about an issue which involves the whole school.  

Student Council

Student Leadership Handbook

Student Council meetings are held once every half term for 45 minutes, during school time. All student council members are expected to attend. The meeting is chaired by the SL for Communications and a Foundation school SLT representative is expected to attend some of the meetings.