Vision and Values

Our Vision

"A transformational education for all"

For our children and young people: A Transformational education means…

  • A foundation of good character and confidence so our children and young people can act responsibly towards themselves and others
  • A foundation of powerful knowledge and the capacity to continually update this in order to thrive in a complex and uncertain world
  • High quality qualifications to access purposeful pathways through education or apprenticeships
  • Cultivating the desire and drive to use their time and talent to help transform the people and places around them

"A transformational education for all"

Our Mission

Making SPW the best place to learn in, work in and partner with.

Get to know our value characters

The St Pauls way values are Integrity, Aspiration and Community. These are the characters that we use around the school to help pupils understand their meaning.


Integrity Isra

Integrity: We Do The Right Thing; Even When Its Hard; Even When No One Is Watching.

Integrity Isra makes the right choices, does the right thing and always acts responsibly even when it’s hard to do and no-one is watching. Isra sweeps away dishonesty with a swish of her tail, uses her bag of good choices to celebrate the positive decisions that she and her community have made and holds her moral compass high for all to see. 

Aspiration Adam

Aspiration: We aim for our individual and collective best and work with passion and commitment to achieve this.

Adam is ambitious, eager to try his best and always ready to learn. He knows being in school every day is vitally important. He is proud of everything he has learnt and is keen to share his knowledge with others. Even when his new learning feels challenging, he uses his golden boot bravely to take his next steps. He is always prepared for school and is excited about what job he could have in the future. 

Community Casey

Community: We make our school a safe and purposeful place where everyone belongs, contributes and thrives.

Casey is a role model for all of the children at St Paul’s Way Primary School. He is always keen to help others and show that he is responsible, sensible and mature. He is a responsible role model for other children, and helps children see what being a leader looks like. Casey treats all children and adults at school respectfully and understands that we are all part of the same team. He reminds us that together we can achieve great things.