A Level results day 2023

Our sixth form students are celebrating after graduating with an incredible set of A Level results that see them leave to join some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

We are immensely proud of all students, who have excelled in these latest exams and are now ready for the exciting next stages of their academic journeys.

Individual Success Stories

Amongst the many outstanding achievements, some individual success stories include Saqib Ahmed who worked relentlessly to exceed his target grades by achieving A*A*A*. He has been awarded a full scholarship from Avicenna Foundation to read Law at Cambridge University. 

Similarly, in the STEM subjects, Ruhan Mannan, completed four A-Levels and achieved A*A*AA. He has successfully met his offer to read Mathematics at Imperial College London.

We would also like to congratulate the following students on their excellent results and destinations:

  • Umar Ali achieved AAA and will read Economics at London School of Economics (LSE) 
  • Noelia Banuelos-Jechiu achieved ABB and will read Architecture at University College London (UCL)
  • Sharfan Chowdhury achieved ACC and will read Law at City University 

Overcoming Adversity

In addition to the widespread disruptions encountered by all, some of our students were unfortunately subject to difficult circumstances during their studies and the exam period. We are deeply proud of each student who overcame adversity, from personal health to close bereavements, and today can proudly share their brilliant results. One such student was Tahmid Hussen, also the Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets, whose resilience resulted in him achieving A*AA and now progressing to read Civil Engineering as a degree apprenticeship with Tower Hamlets Council.

Successful School Leaders

Saima Hoque and Ying Li have both played a pivotal role in leading the school council and representing the student voice as our senior student leaders. Ying’s results sheet was shining with all A* grades and she will now read Law at the University college London. Saima also secured a place to read Law at SOAS University of London achieving a remarkable A*AA. 

Straight to the Top

The provision of Degree Apprenticeships available for students is soaring each year and we would like to extend a special congratulations to Dylan Duong who achieved AAC and will be pursuing Accountancy with PwC, one of the top four accountancy firms in the UK.

Our Head of School

Firdusi Uddin, Head of School, praised the remarkable success of her departing graduates: “These students deserve the utmost praise. Their determination to succeed has never waned and these results are a testament to that.” 

“At St Paul’s Way School it is our firm belief that we should provide a transformational education for all. We work to make sure that each and every young person in our care can fulfil their potential.” 

“I want to wish all of our graduates the best of luck in their next steps, and I look forward to welcoming them back in the years to come to hear about all of their accomplishments.”


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