Winter Concert 2020


Ramada - Wow, I'm so amazed! How talented you all are. Well done!

Harry - Rockin robin and blackbird were great, my favourites! Well done everyone.

Mr Ahmed - Wonderful skills. I loved the part with the jazz music. Everyone say jazz hands! Chirstmas Mubarak!

Jeff - I loved it

Rita - You are all so talented and just amazing what a beautiful treat in lockdown super well done 👍

Yiuyiu - Wonderful, loved all the talent on show, very well done to all involved 👏⭐💫!

Nî Gâa - Wow, this was very brilliant!


Saul matlock - Wow lovely performance I was absolutely dazzled especially by louie well done.

Imelda Tracey - Wow, We have so many talented people, Congratulations to each and every one of you. You were all AMAZING! Have a restful, safe and peaceful holiday. 😊

Jeffry - Very nice performance! Really enjoyed it.

Jen - This is amazing, especially enjoyed the lovely lady playing the piano!!

Maya - Everyone did an amazing job! Well done guys - Merry Christmas!

Tracy Hanley - Well done everyone you should all be very proud absolutely Fantastic.

Jeff - I loved it my favourite one was blues in the Arctic

Ms Addison-Pereira - Amazing performances. Well done to staff and students :)

Debbie Wang - So impressed with the performance, everyone was brilliant and amazing work. Well Done!

Jan Davis - Loved it! Well done everyone. :)
Happy Christmas.

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