Vision and Values

The Vision

To provide a transformational education for our young people.

The Mission

To make the school ‘the best place to learn in, the best place to work in and the best place to partner with’.

The Process

Developing students through a unique curriculum and school experience enabling them to excel in the six graduate strands; Communication, Investigation, Networking, Participation, Scholarship and Vision.

Developing staff through high quality ‘research-led’ professional development and placing them within high performing teams that support and challenge one another.

Developing exceptional links with families, Trust Partners and other organisations that create exceptional support and ​opportunities for students and staff.

The Outcome

Confident, compassionate and highly skilled ‘SPWT Graduates’ who make a positive impact in society.

Committed, skilled and fulfilled staff who enjoy their work and thrive on the successes of their students.

A school that makes a net-contribution through UST to improving education in the UK and beyond.

The St Paul's Way Graduate

Follow Nadia's journey as she shares her experiences of being a St Paul's Way Graduate.