'Tracks in Time' Exhibition Opening Night

The 6th annual Art Pavilion THAT (Tower Hamlets Artist Teacher network) exhibition, which showcases outstanding work created by students from fifteen local schools, had its successful opening on Tuesday, 27th of February.  Students, parents, teachers, staff and visitors from across the borough gathered to view and talk about the artwork, whilst enjoying nibbles. This was an exciting event that brought together the local community and celebrated young artists and their teachers. 

Notable visitors included head of THAMES (Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service), Julia Mann; Becca Linton, THAMES Projects Manager (Cross Arts); Sophie Leach (NSEAD – National Society for Education in Art and Design); local councillor Iqbal Hossain (cabinet member for culture and recreation); Councillor Shafi Ahmed (speaker of the Council); Kay Newman- Deputy Head of Design London Metropolitan University School of Art, Architecture and Design; Anne Markey Head of the School Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University and a long-term THAT partner, Berni Yates lecturer and outreach practitioner from UAL-CSM (university of the Arts- Central Saint Martins).

Other THAT partners involved in the show included Bow Arts, A Team Arts Education, UAL-CSM (university of the Arts- Central Saint Martins), Whitechapel Gallery, London Metropolitan University, Chisenhale Gallery, Auto Italia, Prince’s Foundation, Raven Row and Peer Gallery.

Part of the even included speeches from guests and the awards ceremony. Berni Yates, Sophie Leach and Julia Mann said a few words about the importance of the visual arts and of the significant value creative thinking has across all fields.

As exhibition judges, they then proceeded to present prize winners. Among the winners was SPW’s Tahsin Ahmed, Y13 student, whose large mixed media triptych dazzled the judges.

The exhibition continues to be open daily 11am-6pm and until 2pm on Friday, 10th of March. If you’ve not yet had a chance to visit, you still have a chance!