SPWT Win The Schools Challenge 2019 Imperial College London & J.P. Morgan

Our Year 9 students were given the opportunity to participate in The Schools Challenge 2019 in order to create an innovative solution to improve our cities and make them a better place to live in. Participating in the challenge has provided the teams with transferrable skills such as, presentation skills, teamwork and problem solving. They have also gained insight into careers in STEM through exposure to the world of work. 

Students were supported during school sessions with Imperial College Mentors and had the opportunity to attend Imperial’s Reach Out Maker Space to design and make their prototypes. They also received support from J.P. Morgan mentors to create a business plan and pitch ahead of the Final. Students have been keeping a record of their experiences in their student handbook and will even get the chance to earn a nationally recognised CREST Award. 

Team Re-greener-ate created the ZheuSole, an insole that generates electricity through a piezo disk. The disc creates lots of energy that can be transferred to a storage. Walking with the ZheuSole is their way of reducing carbon footprint. Team Re-greener-ate were selected from 24 teams across different schools to be in the final 3 and pitch on stage in front of a panel of expert judges. The final panel of judges loved their idea as it was "smart and green" therefore, naming Team Re-greener-ate The Schools Challenge Winners for 2019.

Team Demetra created the PrimeNero, a domestic power plant which creates energy efficiently at home. It takes sea water and waste water and uses them to create hydrogen for energy and oxygen for cleaner air through hydrolysis. Although not the winning team, the judges were so impressed by Team Demetra's work so they received an award for 'Staying Positive and Aiming High'.

The students and staff involved have thoroughly enjoyed being part of The Schools Challenge. It was fun, educational and rewarding. Thank you to everyone that has made the deserved win possible!

There is an article in Wharf Life about the challenge final. Pages 10 & 11 are a fitting celebration of the students' work.


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