Science Summer School 2016

Britain – First for Science

“Britain needs more scientists and engineers,” says our patron and world renowned physicist Professor Brian Cox. This is one of the reasons why the St Paul’s Way Trust Science Summer School (SSS) has already been running for five years – its aim, to inspire young people to become the next generation of Britain’s scientists.

The event, which took place at the school over two days during the summer holiday, has been the largest and most ambitious to date. 

An impressive 250 students attended, ranging from Year 6 to 6th formers, spanning 26 schools and travelling down from as far as North Cumbria.

The students were given the exceptional opportunity to engage with this country’s leading scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs through a programme of seminars, discussions, hands-on experiments and workshops. Highlights this year included the following key note lectures:

  • Professor Brian Cox, (University of Manchester) – The Search for Life in the Solar System
  • Dr Turi King, (University of Leicester) – Richard III Resolution of a 500 Year Mystery
  • Dr Erica McAllister, (Natural History Museum) - The Life of Flies
  • Professor Brian Cox, (University of Manchester) – The Origins of the Laws of Nature
  • Dr Ceri Brenner, (University of Strathclyde) – Pressing FIRE on the Most Powerful Laser
  • Dr Steven Le Comber, (Queen Mary University of London) – Maths Murder and Malaria

Feedback from delegates was highly positive

“It was absolutely brilliant!”
“Excellent idea, please continue to do this for future generations.”
“Out of all the events to which I take students to over the year, this one has tremendous potential to change lives. It is so inspirational. Thank you!” 
Quote from visiting teacher


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