Parenting Course Certificate Giving Ceremony

On Tuesday 10th February the first group of 15 parents celebrated their successful completion of Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (SFSC) Parenting Course at St Paul’s Way Foundation Trust School.  Executive Headteacher Mr Akerman presented the ‘Certificate of Completion’ certificates at this joyful event.

This was a cherished occasion following a 13-week long commitment made by the parents to attend the weekly 3-hour sessions. All of the participants found the course very beneficial, as it equipped them with a theoretical understanding of child development as well as a set of practical guidelines for parenting.

Below are some comments from parents:

“I am trying to shout less! I have the knowledge to relay to my children that they can always come to me and tell me anything!! We have made some household rules together.”

- Mrs HB, mother of an 8-year old boy

“[I] spend more family time; have better routine at home; children are more respectful towards me since attending the course.”

- Mrs AN, mother of a 12-year old boy

“The course has really given me the opportunity to look into my strategies and approaches I’d been applying. I am more in control of my anger, planning and management.”

- Mrs FR, mother of a 7-year old girl

“We are [family] more close and more understanding with each other.”

- Mrs SB, mother of a 5-year old boy

“I am [now] more patient and understanding to my kids’ needs and emotions.”

- Mrs RA, mother of a 14-year old boy

“I have so many positive changes from this course. I observed myself. Its results is very good.”

- Mrs AS, mother of a 6-year old girl

“[My] confidence has gone up another level.”

- Mr MNK, father of a 14-year old boy

Enrolment for the next Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (SFSC) Parenting Course is going on now. For any further information please contact:

Mr Rana
Parental Engagement Lead
Tel: 020 7987 1883 Ext. 1141


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