A Diverse and Inclusive Curriculum


As part of our work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, pioneer subjects have been reviewing the curriculum with an external specialist to ensure that it is reflective of our vision “to provide a transformational education for our young people”, reflecting the equality and inclusion we aspire to, and the diversity that we benefit from in our school community.

RE: when teaching about certain religions and worldviews, we ensure that all language is authentic in the root of that religion rather than what it may be referred to now. For example, 'Sanatana Dharma' instead of 'Hinduism', 'Sikhi' instead of 'Sikhism', 'Vihara' instead of 'Buddhist temple'. Students are explicitly taught how these more recent names/labels emerged and it is strongly insisted they use the authentic vocabulary in the classroom.

History: we have looked at how to continue to broaden our curriculum and make it more representative, to empower our students with global knowledge of the past. This includes significant changes to whole periods and events that we teach, as well as being mindful of the range of differing experiences within a particular period or event.

In Geography, we are ensuring representation of both places and voices in our curriculum, explicitly challenging misconceptions and generalisations, and discussing how to confront disciplinary biases, all with the aim of teaching decolonised powerful knowledge.