Science Summer School 2023

The eleventh Science Summer School took place on last Summer term.  This virtual event, sponsored by AXA, was a roaring success joined by 1000+ people from SPW and eight other schools across London.  This year’s theme was: CONNECTIONS - Connecting young people to the world of work through science and engineering. 

Professor Brain Cox CBE, SPW patron, delivered his presentation on ‘The Origin of the Solar System’ on the followed by a Q&A session.  We were also lucky to have another guest speaker join us – Amanda Lee Faulkenburg.  Amanda is an international award-winning composer and pianist. She began her journey into composition through years spent in ballet studios as an accompanist, including the Australian Ballet company in 2000.  Her talk was on Earth-like Worlds of Wonder.  Amanda and Brian have a shared passion in music and science.   

Amanda will be attending SPW in person later in the year to deliver her talk to our new year 7.  Watch this space! 

Science and innovation are embedded in the school’s life and culture since the school opened.  Our students are realising the role of STEM subjects in the future within an increasingly globalised and complex world.  

 Some quotes from participating students and guests: 

  • “An awe-inspiring combination of mind-blowing science, wonderful storytelling, and the exploration of the thoughts inside students' minds.” 

  • “It was a great experience to listen to Brian Cox speak and to learn lots of new things.’ 

  • “I was delighted to be part of this excellent event and thoroughly enjoyed both the topic and Professor Cox's enthusiastic and engaging presentation style. Looking forward to the next one!” 

Photo credit: Ben Ealovega - (Abbey Road Studios)


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