Extended Project Qualification

SPWT6 offers all year 12 students the chance to undertake an Extended Qualification Project (EPQ) in their first year of 6th form.  The EPQ enables students to research a topic of their choice and develops their planning, preparation, research and autonomous working skills- all of which are needed for undergraduate study. The final project can take the form of a piece of artwork, a play or a 5,000 word dissertation depending on the student’s area of interest. All students are required to present on their chosen topic which helps improve their public speaking skills.  The final piece is assessed and this assessment counts towards UCAS points, so the EPQ can strengthen students’ university applications.  For more information please visit the WJEC website.

“Participating in the EPQ has allowed me to develop skills such as confidence, communication, leadership and analytical skills. It gave me the opportunity to host a charity event, which has become one of the best, most challenging experiences of my life.” - Sadiya Begum Year 12

Drapers’ Den

Every Year 6 students across Year 12 and Year 13 take part in the prestigious Draper’s Den challenge, a programme implemented to help stimulate business and entrepreneurial skills. The students are given a brief to develop an innovative business idea and present it to an industry standard to a distinguished panel of judges and an audience of company members. Over the course of two months, students assign roles to research, develop and launch their product. The team have to demonstrate how they intend to manage and grow their product successfully from development to five years after launch, through producing a business plan showing their five-year annual projections for income, costs and profits. Students work closely with mentors from Draper’s, Adam and Eve DDB and leading businesses who support the students finalise their business plans. Through this programme students gain invaluable skills which they can carry into the world of work.

Enrichment Opportunities

Here at SPWT6 we have a dedicated time period allocated to enrichment on Wednesday afternoons. Students have the chance to engage in a variety of enriching opportunities from sports, to lectures, mentoring schemes to university trips all with the aim to equip students with key transferable skills that will enable students to become active global citizens. A few examples of the kind of enrichment opportunities we have on offer are:

  • Charity Society – A student led society which raises awareness of global issues and organises fundraising events to support those in need. So far we have raised over £15,000 across 3 years.
  • Giveback – An opportunity for sixth form students to give back to their younger peers by supporting in lessons at both Primary and Secondary.
  • Lectures and seminars – We provide a wide range of lectures and seminars to students to broaden their subject knowledge, global education and personal development.  
  • Sports – A wide range of sport for both girls and boys e.g. football, badminton, table tennis, boxing etc.
  • University visits – A broad range of visits to universities are offered to all our students, whether it be a visit to Oxford on the Oxbridge application process, a university fair at Queen Mary University of London or mock interviews at Cambridge University.
  • Films and Screenings – Students have the opportunity to watch foreign language films and screenings to offer a wider understanding of the curriculum.