Alex Rider: Stormbreaker - The Graphic Novel by Anthony Horowitz and Antony Johnston

Review by Anonymous in Year 10

Library age rating: KS3 (suitable for Year 7+)

Genre: graphic novel, action, adventure, mystery

Content warning: None

Plot summary

This graphic novel is an adaptation of the Stormbreaker film screenplay. Alex Rider, age 14, acts like a normal schoolboy, but he really has a much different job. When his uncle dies mysteriously in an "accident", Alex is recruited by MI6 and sent on a mission to gather intelligence on Stormbreaker, an advanced computer system being provided to schools across Britain, and its creator, billionaire Darrius Sayle.


The cover of this book looks so cool. It shows clearly that this book is full of action. The blurb is also intriguing to read and tells us that it has mystery elements as well. The art is very good and easy to follow, some words are written in bold which emphasises the mood and setting which is really helpful. I feel very interested in the series because it has a good plot and leaves you thinking "what's going to happen next..."



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