London Lions Roar into Town at St Paul’s Way School

As part of the school’s celebration of International Women’s Day, St Paul’s Way School hosted an event with the London Lions, the Capital’s top women’s basketball team.

Taking time out from their thus far undefeated season, stars put students through their paces with a number of sessions that tested skills and understanding of the game.

The London Lions’ players were incredibly generous with their time, leading a Q&A session that allowed students to find out more about their journeys to becoming an elite athlete.

With girls joining from nearby schools - Brampton Manor Academy, Bacon’s College, Central Foundation Girls’ School and Oaklands School – over 60 students enjoyed this unique experience. 

Speaking about the day’s impact, Billy Winter, Director of Sport at St Paul’s Way, said: “We are incredibly grateful to the London Lions for spending time with us to celebrate International Women’s Day. The students have undoubtedly grown in confidence throughout the day and you can see a renewed passion in them all.”

Asando Taffe, Greenhouse coach at St Paul’s Way School, added: “The impact of female athletes sharing their experiences is an enormous step forward. Each story inspires the next generation of female athletes to pursue their goals with more vigour and enthusiasm."

Zahra Mahmood, one of the school’s standout athletes, spoke with huge enthusiasm about the event: “The day was incredible as it brought together women with a similar interest in sports. Through this shared passion for sport we will a build strong network of inspirational women who can break stereotypes, build confidence and motivate each other."