Free School Meals Information

Welcome to our free school meals information page for updates and information regarding vouchers and eligibility.

Voucher Update

The government have announced that they will not be providing vouchers for families, during the February half term. Following this announcement, we have liaised with Tower Hamlets to put in place a suitable measure to support our students and their families during these difficult times. Tower Hamlets have agreed to provide £12.50 per eligible child during this period.

We will continue to provide vouchers via Edenred. The voucher will be for the amount of £15.00 for the half term week. We would like to make you aware that £12.50 of this is for the February half term week and the remaining £2.50 will be allocated to a future week; the exact timing to be confirmed. The voucher issued for that particular week will be £10.00 so the total will amount to £12.50.


If you received a voucher via Edenred and are unsure of how to redeem this, please visit the Edenred Free School Meal Voucher page for more information.

Eligibility Checker

If you would like to check whether you are eligible for frees school meals, please complete the online form. Our Online Free School Meals (OFSM) checker will give you an instant response via email stating if you are currently eligible.

If you have more than one child, you will need to complete a separate form for each child.

Please note: If, after completing the form above, it states your eligibility status cannot be confirmed, please contact Tower Hamlets or your local authority to update your personal circumstances and income. Kindly do not complete the form again or contact the school.


Applications for free school meals are assessed by our local authority, London Borough of Tower Hamlets. If you are a Tower Hamlets resident, you can make an application for free school meals on their website.

Please note: This can take up to 4 weeks; if you want to check the progress of your application you would need to contact the Tower Hamlets Benefits Team on 02076345001.

Please send a copy of your free school meal confirmation letter to the school via email on, including the names and tutor groups of your children attending our School.