Visual and Performing Arts Faculty

The Visual Arts has always been an important driving force for improvement within the School; we have held Visual Arts College status since 1997 – GCSE results for the last 5 years reflect this.  As the Faculty structure combined Visual and Performing Arts together in 2010, we have used the specialism to develop both the curriculum and enrichment opportunities within the Performing Arts subject areas.  We believe that our specialism in the Visual and Performing Arts is essential to the school’s drive to develop a truly exciting and outstanding place of learning. We believe that the creativity bought about by specialising in the ‘Arts’ will not only develop creative young people with the skills required to flourish in the future, but will add ‘value’ across the curriculum both academic and creative.

Core Aims

We see our core aims as being:

  • To expose all students to a high quality arts education which includes opportunities to work with creative professionals, experience high quality ‘arts’ events and to create their own ‘art’.
  • To give all stakeholders in our school a creative and cultural voice.
  • To provide those whom are ‘gifted’ in the arts with the opportunity to explore their ‘gift’ and lead others.
  • To create a curriculum, learning environment and ethos, which promotes curiosity and inquisitiveness about the world and our place within it.
  • To ensure all students see themselves as creative individuals.
  • To ensure that all lessons inspire creativity and a love for the arts. So that all are able to appreciate art in all its forms and that, for those for whom it is right to do so, they are able to pursue a rewarding career with the Arts at its heart.

Courses Offered

KS3 - Art, Drama, Music and Dance are taught throughout KS3.

KS4 - GCSE Art, Photography, Textiles, Drama, Dance and Music.

KS5 –A-Level Art, Photography, Drama and Music


Our state of the art facilities and equipment enable us to teach a rich and varied curriculum and programme of extra curricular activities.  We have formed working relationships with our Trust partners and local arts organisations in order to extend the opportunities on offer to VPA students.  Such organisations include: The Barbican, The National Portrait Gallery, The Whitechapel Gallery, London Chamber Orchestra and THAMES.