Governing Body

  • Dr Joe Hall, NHS, Trust (Chair)
  • Mr John Carroll, (Vice-chair)
  • Mr Jocelin Harris, Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Drapers (Sponsor)
  • Mr Mohammed Sultan Haydar, (Parent Governor - Elected)
  • Mr Grahame Price, Executive Headteacher, St Paul's Way Trust School (Staff)
  • Mr Mike Tyler
  • Daniel Cremin, Head of External Affairs & Government Relations, King’s College London (Trust)
  • Mohammed Habibur Rahman, (Parent Governor - Elected)
  • Ms Ishraq Denha, (Staff Governor)
  • Professor Peter McOwan, (Foundation)
  • Ms Jennifer Verity, (Staff Governor - Elected)
  • Kevin Wright, Poplar Harca (Trust)
  • Susie Whigham, Director of School Services at SHS
  • Mr Ian jones
  • Mr Dominic Rampat, (Associate Member)


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Primary Staff List

Mabberley Clare Teacher Head of Primary Phase 
Begum Alema Support Receptionist 
Denha Ishraq Teacher Subject Driver - Literacy 
Ali Imrean Teacher Reception Class 
Myers Sarah-Anne Teacher Early Years Educator 
Clarke Deana Teacher Early Years Educator 
Tracey Imelda Support LSA 
Begum Shazia Support LSA 
Begum Nazia Support MDMS 
Begum Shazia Support MDMS 


Secondary and Sixth Form Staff List

Johnson-Chapman Aaron Subject Leader PE Teacher
Zabin Abida Acting Subject Driver Science Teacher
Ash  Alexander  Performing Arts Technician and Instructor  Teacher
Sullivan Alexandra Acting Director of Learning Teacher
Khanom Alya Year Team Leader  Teacher
Ruxton Amber Teacher of Maths Teacher
Walmsley Andrew Martin Head of Faculty   CAT Teacher
Mclean Anton Associate Director of Learning Communication Teacher
Begum Ashia Teacher of English Teacher
Islam Ashraf Teacher of Maths Teacher
Rahman Asma Senior Research  and Development Leader Teacher
Bader Avi Teacher of Art and Photography Teacher
Jones Bonnie  Subject Leader Humanities Teacher
Pine Chantelle Aspiring lead practitioner humanities Teacher
Haycraft Charlotte Acting Deputy Director of Learning (KS4) Teacher
Bailey Christine Teacher of English Teacher
Mulvenna Ciara Teacher of French Teacher
Mabberley Clare Headteacher Primary phase Teacher
Smith Darren Acting Deputy Headteacher  Teacher
Brown Debra Director of Music Teacher
Smith Emma Acting Deputy Director of Learning (KS3) Teacher
Choudhry Farhana Teacher of Technology Teacher
Karim Farhana Teacher of Maths  Teacher
Khanom Fathima Acting Subject Driver Science Teacher
Johura Fatima Subject Leader English Teacher
Uddin Firdusi Acting Director of Learning - School of Education Teacher
Ellis Frances Teacher of English Teacher
Lopez Plaza Francisco Teacher of French Spanish Teacher
Jacobs Frank Teacher of Geography Teacher
Osternaud Gabriel Teacher of French Spanish Teacher
Cowell George Director of Learning Trust School Foundation School Teacher
Duzbeyaz Goksel Subject Driver Language and Literacy Teacher
Choudhury Gouri Teacher of Music Teacher
Price Grahame CEO University Schools Trust & Executive Headteacher Teacher
Jones Gulnoor Teacher of Science Teacher
Goulson Gwilym Year Team Leader  Teacher
Maddison Hannah Teacher of English Teacher
Loveday Hannora Co-Executive Headteacher Teacher
Mirza Humayun Subject Leader Maths Teacher
Ali Imrean Reception Class Teacher Teacher
Denha Ishraq Subject Driver -Literacy (Primary Phase) Teacher
Steers Jake Subject Driver Science Teacher
Iley Janet Director of Enterprise and Employability  Teacher
Verity Jennifer Subject Driver CAT Teacher
Walder Jenny-Ruth Subject Leader MFL Teacher
Blakeley John Teacher of PE Teacher
Bradley John Head of Faculty IC / Specialist Leader of Education Teacher
Ahmed Jubair Deputy Headteacher Teacher
Ward Kane Acting Director of Learning  Teacher
El-Barakat Karim Teacher of Arabic French Spanish Teacher
Plewa Keely Lead Practitioner Biology Teacher
Jasor Kelly-Ann Specialist Leader of Education -Arts Teacher
Nuur Khadija Teacher of Maths Teacher
Bilous Laura Teacher of Dance/PE Teacher
George Leon Teacher of PE Teacher
Jeffrey Lisa Subject Driver - SEN Teacher
Addison-Pereira Louise Lead Practitioner - Arts Teacher
Marsh Lucy Head of Faculty  -  English  Teacher
Cologne Marc Head of Faculty  -  Humanities  Teacher
Jafari Maria Teacher of Mathematics Teacher
Ahmed Mariam Teacher of Science  Teacher
Bruce Marisa Lead Practitioner  -  Personal Development & Humanities  Teacher
Langley Matthew Interim Leader of Science  Teacher
Williams Meghan Inclusions Co-ordinator  Teacher
Lloyd Mia Acting Director of Learning  - SoE Teacher
Ali Mohammad Head of Faculty  - Mathematics Teacher
Ashiq Mohammed Teacher of Mathematics  Teacher
Lakehal Najet Lead Practitioner - MFL Teacher
Uddin Nur Subject Driver  -  DBS Teacher
Sanchez Olivia Aspring Lead Practitioner - Latin & Classics  Teacher
Dhillon Parmbir Subject Leader - DSB Teacher
Rob Parveen Teacher of Science  Teacher
Sher Parveen Subject Driver - Humanities  Teacher
Wye Paul Instructor of Arts  Teacher
Akerman Philip Interim Headteacher  Teacher
Khan Rabeena Teacher of Arts  Teacher
Uddin Rehan Subject Driver - Mathematics Teacher
Choudhury Rintu Subject Driver - AEN Teacher
Halls Robert Acting Subject Driver  -  Computer Science  Teacher
Sommerville Robert Subject Driver - Learning Support  Teacher
Morgan Robert James Lead Practitioner - Mathematics Teacher
Crossgrove Rosalind Teacher of  Classics Teacher
Nicholl Rosemary Teacher of English  Teacher
Shibli Roushan Lead Practitioner  - English  Teacher
Chowdhury Ruhul Subject Leader  -  ICT  Teacher
Green Ruth Teacher of English  Teacher
Said Said Mohamed Teacher of Mathematics (School Direct) Teacher
Hill Samantha Subject Leader - Arts Teacher
Gaskell Sarah Subject Leader - Technology  Teacher
Matlock Saul  Teacher of English (School Direct)  Teacher
Rahman Shafiq Head of Faculty - BEC Teacher
Hamid Shahina Year Team Leader  Teacher
Miah Shanur Teacher of Science  Teacher
Matthes Sharon Teacher of Art Teacher
Rahman Shelina Instructor of DSB Teacher
Rana Taslima Teacher of Bengali  Teacher
Granville Thomas Teacher of Music Teacher
Pope Christina    Teacher of Science Teacher
Akinrinwa Samuel David  Teacher of Computer Science Teacher
Rajkumar Ramya Teacher of Geography Teacher
Hannan Nazifa Teacher of Humanities Teacher
Hill Kerri-Anne Teacher of PE Teacher
Egidio Filippo Di  Teacher of Spanish/French Teacher
Schellenberg Christina  Acting YTL Teacher of Science Teacher
Miah Mohammed Giash  Acting YTL Teacher of Mathematics Teacher
Connolly Olivia  Acting Subject Driver Teacher of Science Teacher
Horsley Abigail Subject Driver English Teacher
Hoyle Jonathan Teacher of Music Teacher
Sharpe Jessica Teacher of RE Teacher
Miah Jabed  Subject Driver Business and Economics Teacher
Hakim Mark  Teacher of Computer Science Teacher
Bridle Adam Inclusion Manager(Primary Phase) Teacher
Savva-Brown Dianne Subject Driver Science and Maths(Primary Phase) Teacher
Mckendry Elizabeth Class Teacher (Primary Phase) Teacher
Dicker Jason Class Teacher (Primary Phase) Teacher
Ahmed Jabed Teacher of Mathematics Teacher
Clark Jemma Director of Learning AEN Teacher
Dalton Hayden Instructor of science Teacher
Harvey William Instructor of Humanities Teacher
Mcdonald Ronan Teacher of Science (Part time 0.3) Teacher
Rahman Mustafizur Instructor of Mathematics and Physics Teacher
Ali Abdi Cleaning Operative  Support
Kasham Abdul IT Engineer  Support
Adan Adar Cleaning Operative  Support
Appiah Afia Cleaning Operative  Support
Begum Alema Administrator - KS3 Support
Ash Alexander Performing Arts Technician  Support
Wong Angelique Headteacher's PA Support
Rapoport Annie Rose Acting Deputy Director KS4 Support
Fitzpatrick Anthony Year Team Leader  Support
Sarker Armin Learning Support Assistant  Support
Begum Asma Student Support Assistant  Support
Begum Babli Learning Support Assistant  Support
Bailey Barrington Media, Display & Reporgraphic Assistant  Support
Muse Barwaqo Midday Meal Assistant  Support
Hoque Bodrul Year Team Leader  Support
Emmett Bryan Apprentice  Support
Valencia Camilo Receptionist  Support
Opara Chukwuemeka Cleaning Operative  Support
O'Flaherty Cleo Executive Assistant & Events Manager  Support
Mwambay Coco Cleaning Operative  Support
Clarke Deana Early Years Educator  Support
Holland Denise Learning Support Assistant  Support
Hypocrate Derek Cleaning Operative  Support
Mottley Dionne Student Achievement Co-ordinator  Support
Adegoke Edward Project Manager  Support
Nemorin Esther Cleaning Supervisor  Support
Thomas Everald Student Support Assistant  Support
Joseph Flora Cleaning Supervisor Support
Beasley Frances LRC Assistant  Support
Lynch Gloria Attendance Manager  Support
Patel Harshna Administrator - KS3 Support
Uzzaman Helal Learning Support Assistant  Support
Burnikell Helen Science Technician  Support
Khanom Humayra Learning Support Assistant  Support
Tracey Imelda Learning Support Assistant (Primary) Support
Begum Jabon-Nahar Higher Level Learnig Support Assistant  Support
Hussain Jahed Apprentice  Support
Cunningham Janet Cleaning Operative  Support
Davis Janet Senior Science Technician  Support
Weaver John Premises Officer Support
Parker Karla St Pauls Way Foundation Trust Business Manager  Support
Hussain Khadijah Cover Assistant  Support
Boateng Kwabena Cleaning Operative  Support
Parkes Lateesha Cover Assistant  Support
Phillips Lorraine Midday Meal Supervisor  Support
Plewa-Ould Magdalena Design Technology  Technician  Support
Ivacson Margit Assistant Hygiene Supervisor   Support
Reeder Mark IT Engineer  Support
Kabir Md Julfeker IT Engineer  Support
Carroll Melissa Learning Support Assistant  Support
Uddin Minara Food Technician  Support
Moles Miranda General Office Administrator  Support
Dirie Mohamed Learning Support Assistant  Support
Ahad Mohammed Student Achievement Co-ordinator  Support
Ahmed Mohammed Farhad Receptionist  Support
Ahmed Mohammed-Alomgir Information, Advice & Guidance Co-ordinator  Support
Begum Nazia Midday Meal Assistant (Primary) Support
Khatun Nilima Administrator - KS3 Support
Williams Owen Acting Year Team Leader  Support
Wye Paul  Visual  Arts Technician  Support
Mpemba-Luzayadio Pauline Midday Meal Assistant & Cleaning Operative Support
Greene Rebecca Learning Support Assistant (Primary) Support
Sylvia Rozina Administrator - AEN Support
Cali Sahra Cleaning Operative  Support
Begum Sajeda External Links Manager  Support
Livesey Sandra LRC Assistant  Support
Bouchelkia Sandrine Senior Science Technician  Support
Myers Sarah Early Years Educator  Support
Begum Sazia Midday Meal Assistant (Primary) Support
Pickering (Mcneil_ Scroifx Premises Officer Support
Hussain Shah Kamal Student Achievement Co-ordinator  Support
Chowdhury Shaheena Acting Student Achievement Co-ordinator  Support
Begum Shazia Learning Support Assistant (Primary) Support
Ali Shojib Hassan Student Support Assistant  Support
Luntala-Lunsongila Simon Cleaning Operative  Support
Marquis Sonia Learning Support Assistant  Support
Jeasmin Sultana Interim Office Manager  Support
Choudhury Tamanna Learning Support Assistant  Support
Millios Thomas Group Data & Assessment Manager  Support
Prospere Thomas Cleaning Operative  Support
Alexander Tina Cleaning Operative  Support
Picconi Valerio Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator  Support
Mansfield-Taylor Vanessa  Anne Student Achievement Co-ordinator  Support
Orakwue Veronica Cleaning Operative Support
Munroe Vivia Midday Meal Assistant & Cleaning Operative Support
Ahmed Wajiha Administrator - SoE Support
Cruz Yokasta Administrator/Receptionist - 6th Form Support
Chowdhury Zakia Assistant Group Data & Assessment Manager  Support
Hussain  Faruk Senior Office Co-ordinator Support
Khanam Shafia  Student Achievement Co-ordinator  Support
Rana Masud Trust Plus Development Director  Support
Ahmed  Satir  Data & Assessment Administrator  Support
Islam  Eyasinul Apprentice  Support
Brace  Jessica  Assistant Librarian  Support
Bloomfield  Sara  Group LRC Manager  Support
Ahmed Shaju Lead Student Ambassador Support
Miah Redwan Lead Student Ambassador Support
Shopon Ahmed Yasin Trainee LSA (Temporary) Support
Mohammed Fadumo Trainee LSA (Temporary) Support
Khanom Shahida Trainee LSA (Temporary) Support
Hussain Adeeba Office Administrator Support
Clay Matthew Academic coach and Technical Mentor - English Support
Ali Safa Academic coach and Technical Mentor - English Support
Kennedy Douglas Academic coach and Technical Mentor - English Support
Harmer Peter Academic coach and Technical Mentor - Humanities Support
Fumas-Boixadera Juna Academic coach and Technical Mentor - International Communications Support
Ahmod Shahin Academic coach and Technical Mentor - Maths Support
Walsh Tom Academic coach and Technical Mentor - Maths Support
Mcburnie Jennifer Academic coach and Technical Mentor - Maths Support
Ham Khalid Academic coach and Technical Mentor - Science Support
Yasmin Nabilah Academic coach and Technical Mentor - Science Support
Elyousfi Asmae Midday Meal Supervisor Support
Choniawko Pauline Midday Meal Supervisor Support
Christou Athina Acting Student Achievement Co-ordinator  Support
Mahbub Amad Group Network Manager Support
Begum Rani  SPWT Group HR Manager  Support
Loveday Mark Casual LSA (DSB) Support
Kamikazi Jennifer Academic coach and Technical Mentor - Science Support
Sparrow Lucinda Academic coach and Technical Mentor - RE Support
Moran Sheila Group Finance Manager Support

The list above presented in alphabetical order, was updated on the 16 December 2016