List of School of Education Staff Members and Roles

Louise Addison-Pereira    -    Lead Practitioner Art and Photography    -     Pen Portrait

Jubair Ahmed    -    Deputy Headteacher Inclusion and Standards    -    Pen Portrait

Phil Akerman    -    Associate Headteacher    -    Pen Portrait

John Bradley     -    SLE, Director of Learning AEN    -    Pen Portrait

Farihah Chantler    -    Director of Learning for Key Stage 3    -    Pen Portrait

Marc Cologne     -    Director of Learning KS4    -    Pen Portrait

Mia Lloyd    -    Director of Learning SOE    -    Pen Portrait

Clare Lynam    -    Headteacher (Primary Phase)    -    Pen Portrait

Kelly Jasor    -    SLE (SOE)    -    Pen Portrait

Gillian Kemp    -    UST Director of Education (Interim)    -    Pen Portrait

Darren Kulesza-Smith    -    Deputy Headteacher Curriculum    -    Pen Portrait

Olivia Sanchez    -    Aspiring Lead Practitioner    -    Pen Portrait

Roushan Shibli    -    Lead Practitioner    -    Pen Portrait

Firdusi Uddin    -    Director of Learning Teaching and Learning    -    Pen Portrait

Catherine Wrobel    -    Lead Practitioner    -    Pen Portrait