Bow School

The T&L Specialist from SPWT School of Education has observed and provided feedback to NQTs and has also provided ideas for activities and planning. The T&L Specialist has helped to plan, team-teach and give feedback to the teachers, particularly around strategies to support and prepare year 11 for their GCSE exam.  The T&L Specialist outlined a number of options teachers could follow and worked with teachers in developing these options into practical and effective teaching strategies.

Our teachers have also had the opportunity to spend a day at St Paul's Way school, to observe and benefit from the variety of teaching techniques on offer and a different system in action.

The support from SPWT has been very effective. Teachers found the planning sessions useful and helpful to improve their teaching. The support highlighted the areas in need of further development while allowing the teachers to celebrate the areas where they were already successful.

Miloud El-Himri, Head of Department