Acland Burghley School

T&L Specialists from the St Paul's Way Trust School of Education provide invaluable support in evaluating the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, and in coaching teachers to improve their practice. They bring expertise and empathy to analysing the complexity and opportunities of our specific context. They engage professionally with all colleagues. Within a short time, we have been able to point to the demonstrable impact of their work.

Their experience is rooted in real knowledge of how to bring about school improvement, having gone on a rapid and sustained improvement journey themselves. T&L Specialists from SPWT bring a wealth of experience of working in other schools in challenging circumstances across London, including the Boroughs of Greenwich, Camden and Brent.

They adopt a coaching model, adapting their style to suit the circumstances. They have supported NQTs with high quality supplementary induction programmes, more experienced colleagues, including high performing teachers, and also bring advice and support to whole teams within the school.

Experienced in a wide range of leadership models, the School of Education team from SPWT adapts to support our school's leadership structure, and always work collaboratively with key colleagues. The service gives value for money, and high impact after a short period of time.

 I would recommend the service to schools of all types looking for bespoke packages of support in improving teaching and learning, and a fresh pair of eyes to look at aspects of their provision.


Nicholas John, Headteacher