A Unique Model

St Paul's Way Trust has developed a reputation for doing things differently and with good reason. The combination of world leading Universities and Corporate Trust partners collaborating with talented and ambitious teachers, support staff and educational leaders has transformed provision and opened up remarkable opportunities for our young people and staff. 
St Paul's Way Trust School, a ‘Through School’ and National Teaching School – ‘Outstanding’ in every Ofsted category- is now moving into its next exciting phase of expansion. St Paul’s Way Trust School is the founding school in a new and unique Multi-Academy Trust, with Queen Mary University of London acting as lead sponsor. Effective partnerships have always been at the centre of our approach to school improvement and the philosophy behind our commitment to the UST. 


The School of Education

The SPWT School of Education is an exciting construct sitting at the heart of the UST providing exceptional capacity to deliver a truly outstanding education for its learners.  We aim to provide a comprehensive and inspiring programme of professional development for educators and educational leaders working within the Trust and its partner schools. 
Empowering our students and teachers is at the heart of what we do. We believe in ‘lifelong learning’, therefore, research is what drives our constant quest for excellence. Our extensive professional development programme offers teaching and learning workshops and leadership development courses at all levels. At SPWT we pride ourselves on being reflective practitioners who are always given opportunities to share best practice and develop. Every teacher is therefore encouraged to develop their professional skills drawing on our many exciting partnerships, such as our current work with academic colleagues at partner universities on innovative projects.

Learning is an ongoing process for students and staff, and as such, research sits at the core of our improvement strategy. Our students and staff are involved in research and development through a variety of projects and initiatives. 

The School of Education will help drive change in schools by: 

  • Working in partnerships based on trust, transparency and high aspirations across all phases of education to ensure all children and young people achieve to the very best of their ability.
  • Developing outstanding new teachers, providing them with the highest quality training which is robust, innovative and informed by latest research.
  • Providing professional development which is collaboratively planned and delivered , aimed at developing and challenging colleagues.
  • Ensuring provision of leadership opportunities that will strengthen our school and enhance future capacity.
  • Taking a lead in research and development across all phases to inform and improve teaching and learning, professional development, training and leadership.