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School History Project

The St. Paul's Way Timeline:
The 1990s
Compiled by Sue Connell and Alan Hayes


After many years based on the 4th Floor of 'A' Block, the Science Department moves into a new, purpose-built Science Block, complete with state-of-the-art laboratories and technician areas.


July 1994:
Headteacher, Vivien Cutler leaves St. Paul's Way after six years in post, to become Headteacher at Highbury Grove in North London. Asked about her most impressive achievement at the school, she says that improving facilities and conditions for female students has been a source of great pride to her.

"When I started in 1988, it was a terrifying place. It was essential to create a user-friendly environment. A big issue was security. Pupils felt unsafe - there had been some pretty nasty episodes. So we erected some fencing and set up more lunch-time clubs, self-defence for the girls, also for the boys if they wanted it. A room was set up for girls at break-time. A discreet play-area was found where they could play basketball at lunch without coming into contact with boys. Single-sex lessons were also set up in maths, science and PE. Bit by bit, the girls started coming in. I still haven't achieved my vision, but six years is time enough - I need a different challenge," she says in an interview with Independent London magazine.


Martyn Coles is appointed Headteacher.


St Paul’s Way Community School is designated a Visual Arts College.


Prime Minister Tony Blair and Education Secretary David Blunkett visit St. Paul’s Way.

New arts facilities are officially opened by Lord Mayor of London, Lord Levene.

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