Curriculum Policy   |   Download

Y7 Catch-up Premium   |   Download 2017/18   |   Download 2016/17

Pupil Premium   |   Download 2017/18   |   Download 2016/17

Admissions Policy for September 2019   |   Download

Additional Educational Needs Policy (To be scrutinised by the Governing Body in April 2018)   |   Download

SEND Offer - Supporting Children/Young People with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities  |   Download
(To be scrutinised by the Governing Body in April 2018

Behaviour for Learning (To be scrutinised by the Quality of Education Committee in April 2018)   |   Download Policy   |   Download Poster

Dealing with Complaints   |   Download

Single Equalities Statement & Opportunity Policy   |   Download

SPWT Values and Ethos Statement   |   Download

Safer Recruitment Process - Roles and Responsibilities   |   Download

Policy for the Safeguarding of Students   |   Download

LSCB Procedures for Managing Allegations of Abuse against Staff working in Children's, School and Family Settings   |   Download

Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy   |   Download

E-Safety Policy   |   Download

Policy and Protocol for External Speakers and Work Shop Leaders   |   Download

Visiting Speakers - Values Statement   |   Download

Governors' Visiting Policy   |   Download

Annual Reports and Accounts   |   Link

Articles of Association   |   Link

Charging and Remissions Policy   |   Download

Charity Trustees and Members Names   |   Link

Funding Agreement   |   Link

Memorandum of Understanding   |   Link

Whistleblowing Policy – A Reporting Policy and Procedure for School Based Employees   |   Link