First Aid with The British Red Cross

On the 16th / 17th January, the entire Year 9 cohort participated in First Aid Workshops, facilitated by The British Cross. Students learnt essential first aid skills, including how to help someone who is unresponsive, not breathing, bleeding heavily or burnt. They also learnt how to assess and manage risks to make informed choices when helping others.

The facilitator shared emotional stories of how she had to carry out CPR on both her father and uncle, both of whom had suffered a cardiac arrest. Sharing such powerful, personal stories really brought home the reality of First Aid and its importance in saving lives, and sometimes even of our very close family members.

The timing of these workshops is very pertinent since new government proposals will be making the teaching of First Aid statutory from 2020. Here at SPWT, we are well prepared with our extensive range of enrichment activities, all of which contribute to developing the wholesome SPWT Graduate. First Aid is one of those key skills which is essential for our students to become Global Citizens.