First Aid with The British Red Cross

On the 16th / 17th January, the entire Year 9 cohort participated in First Aid Workshops, facilitated by The British Cross. Students learnt essential first aid skills, including how to help someone who is unresponsive, not breathing, bleeding heavily or burnt. They also learnt how to assess and manage risks to make informed choices when helping others.

The facilitator shared emotional stories of how she had to carry out CPR on both her father and uncle, both of whom had suffered a cardiac arrest. Sharing such powerful, personal stories really brought home the reality of First Aid and its importance in saving lives, and sometimes even of our very close family members.

The timing of these workshops is very pertinent since new government proposals will be making the teaching of First Aid statutory from 2020. Here at SPWT, we are well prepared with our extensive range of enrichment activities, all of which contribute to developing the wholesome SPWT Graduate. First Aid is one of those key skills which is essential for our students to become Global Citizens.

Record Breaking Results at St Paul’s Way Trust

GCSE Students securing top results from left to right:   Jenny Hunyh, Alanna Alberto-Assis, Tahera Miah, Labib Khan and Bilal Ahmed

GCSE Students securing top results from left to right: Jenny Hunyh, Alanna Alberto-Assis, Tahera Miah, Labib Khan and Bilal Ahmed

St Paul’s Way Trust students are celebrating having achieved an exceptional set of GCSE results; the best in the school’s history. The School and the VI Form has been graded by OfSTED as ‘Outstanding’ since 2013 and this year’s results are, once again, amongst the best in East London.

A record number of students were awarded the top grades, with student progress once again significantly above the predicted national average.  A few individual success stories from GCSE results day include Labib Khan achieving seven grade 9s, one A* and one A** in Further Maths, the top grade possible. Jenny Hunyh also achieved A** in Further Maths, along with six grade 9s, two grade 8s and two grade 7s.  Other top performers include Ibrahim Thasin with five grade 9s, and one A*, Alana Alberto-Assiss with five grade 9s and Tanzim Chowdhury with five grade 9s, four grade 8s and one grade A.

The proportion of students achieving the Government’s ‘Good Pass’ benchmark and top grades, (9-7) in English or English Literature, continues to sit well above the national average; the picture is the same for mathematics and a wide range of other subjects including Triple Science and Modern Languages.  

Once again SPWT students have excelled, not only in the academic EBACC subjects but also in creative subjects such as art, drama and music (music being one of the school’s specialisms).

Phil Akerman, Executive Headteacher explained ‘There was a real buzz in school today as so many students were clearly delighted with, and motivated by, their results. Many will now be joining our high performing VI form, one student told me, with a big grin, he was determined to be even more successful when he sits his ‘A’levels in two years time’

These results build on last week’s superb A level results as SPWT sixth formers exceeded their personal goals and are now looking forward to exciting futures.  Among the many successful students are Ijaz Choudhury with three A* grades, securing The Barts & The London Medicine Scholarship worth £75,000 over seven years, organised in collaboration with our  Trust Partner Queen Mary University of London. Alexandra Pricop with three A grades is also going on to study Medicine at Kings College London. 

An impressive 96% of this year’s cohort are moving on to university pathways with the remaining 4% accessing high-quality school leaver programmes. Approximately 60% of students have secured places at top ‘Russell Group’ Universities.

Phil Akerman, Executive Headteacher, said: 'The exceptional achievement of our Y11 and sixth form students this year, the best in our school's history, demonstrates that remarkable things really do happen when you combine your students' potential, their hard work and their determination with great support from their families and a talented and committed teaching/tutor team.’

Grahame Price, Chief Executive of the University Schools Trust (UST) of which St Paul’s Way Trust is a Lead School said: ‘We are very proud of the achievements of all of our students at St Paul’s Way Trust and our staff that work so hard to make it happen, the school continues to be a beacon of success and I am delighted that as a National Teaching School SPWT is helping other schools to achieve similar success within UST and beyond’

Other examples of high achievers in the sixth form include:

  • Nishat Tasnim, 1 A* and 2 As (QMUL - Biochemistry)
  • Musaddiqkur Rahman, 1 A* and 2 As (UCL – Civil Engineering)
  • Sami Mohammad, 1 A*s and 2 As (KCL - Biomedicine)
  • Suha Subran, 1 A*, 1 A and 1 B (KCL - English)
  • Tamanna Tanzim, 1 A*, 1 A and 1 B (QMUL – Economics and Statistics)
  • Mazharul Islam, 2 A* and 1 B (QMUL – Mechanical Engineering
A level high achievers from left to right:   Nishat Tasnim (Biomedicine at QMUL), Máté Bencsik (French & German at Bristol), Ijaz Choudhury (Medicine at QMUL) and Sami Mohammed (Biomedicine at KCL)

A level high achievers from left to right: Nishat Tasnim (Biomedicine at QMUL), Máté Bencsik (French & German at Bristol), Ijaz Choudhury (Medicine at QMUL) and Sami Mohammed (Biomedicine at KCL)

Summer Success at SPWT Sixth Form (2017)


This summer St Paul’s Way Trust Sixth Formers secured the best A level results in the school’s history. A staggering 98% are moving on to university pathways with the remaining 2% accessing high-quality school leaver programmes. Approximately 60% of students secured places at Russell Group Universities and 67% of our students are going on to study STEM subjects. Amongst many other success stories were Naziur Kabya who secured a place at Cambridge University to read Mechanical Engineering and Enas Al Suhaibani who has gone on to study medicine at Aberdeen University.

Grahame Price, Executive Headteacher and CEO of the University School’s Trust, said:

'The exceptional success of our VI Form students is a direct result of each and every student working very hard indeed alongside the determined and holistic support that they receive from their teachers, tutors and other staff working in close partnership with parents/carers'

Some further outstanding individual results of our students:
Naziur Kabya, 3 A*s (Cambridge University- Mechanical Engineering)
Ayesha Begum, 2 A*s and 1 A (QMUL - International Relations)
Zahidul Islam, 3 A*s and 1 A (KCL - Chemistry)
Maryam Ali Awadh, A* and 2 As (QMUL - International Relations)
Azhar Ahmed, A* and 2 As (KCL - Mathematics and Statistics)
Fateha Choudhury, 2 A and 1 B (UCL – Geography)