International Communications Faculty

The International Communications Faculty at St Paul’s Way Trust School is comprised of the Modern Foreign Languages department and the Language and Literacy department, which supports students for whom English is an additional language.

We believe that every student is capable of becoming an effective communicator in a foreign language, be that French, Spanish, Bengali or English. Today’s young people need the skills to enable them to compete in an increasingly international workplace. Our aim is to develop competence in oral and written communication, to enable student confidence in dealing with a range of authentic listening and reading material whilst gaining a sound working knowledge of basic grammatical structures.

Being an integral part of the English Baccalaureate, a GCSE in a MFL equips students with skills that can be utilised in countless careers. Students with an additional language have a huge range of opportunities open to them and will be well placed in competing for the best university courses.

Learning a language happens most effectively where regular exposure takes place and our staff use the foreign language for much of the teaching. We ask that students work hard to achieve their potential in this challenging yet rewarding academic subject.

Within the faculty we offer GCSEs in French, Spanish and Bengali as well as a Certificate in English Language for students who have arrived in the UK during their secondary school education.

A’level French and Spanish are offered in the 6th Form.

Students with a home language are supported to sit GCSEs and A’levels and so far we have seen fantastic results in Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.


Our previous GCSE results have been impeccable and we expect the same this year.