Humanities Faculty

The Humanities Faculty aims to develop holistic learners, equipped with the knowledge and skills to become young graduates of society.  Humanities is based on the study of human culture and environment, from the physical to the spiritual, past and present.

Humanities subjects (including Geography, History and RE) are popular and growing subjects in the school at GCSE and A level.  The faculty has a strong curriculum programme in place, from Year 7 to Year 13, with specialist teachers who have creatively planned a range of challenging and engaging courses. The Faculty currently covers the traditional Humanities subjects at KS3 and KS4, with Government & Politics and classical civilisations introduced at KS5. At KS4 the Faculty is focused on delivering the EBACC subjects of Geography and History, with compulsory early GCSE RE. Through all the subjects and key stages, the focus is on developing enquiring minds and strong literacy skills.  Alongside learning in the classroom, the faculty has a wide programme of extra-curricular provision, including workshops and educational visits to various national and international locations, to enhance students’ understanding and experiences.

All our students are supported and helped to achieve to the best of their ability.  The faculty aims to develop students as well-rounded individuals, focusing on a wide range of skills developed around the SPW graduate skills of scholarship, investigation, communication, participation, networking, vision.

Students and teachers enjoy their lessons because of the positive relationships that are formed early in Year 7.  Coupled with an engaging and vigorous approach to Humanities, students are motivated and confident that they will succeed – and they do!

The talented and lively Faculty team  are deeply committed to developing students’ skills and experiences, so that they become successful and happy learners, and are prepared for the rest of their secondary education and life beyond.  We also believe strongly in working with the community and engaging with parents as together we prepare children for the demands of life ahead.


At SPWT, the Humanities Faculty currently covers 6 subjects, across KS3, KS4 and KS5:

Geography is taught at KS3 to all students, and is offered as an option subject in KS4.  We are very excited about the start of our first Geog AS course from Sept 2013.  Geography is a well established subject in the school, and is a popular GCSE option choice.

History is taught at KS3 to all students, and is offered as an option subject at KS4 and KS5.  Students cover a range of topics in History, from medieval times to recent and current events.  History is an increasingly popular GCSE option choice.

Religious Education is covered in Year 7 and 8 as a KS3 subject, with the introduction of world religions, alongside Citizenship. RE is then taught as an early GCSE to all students in Years 9 &10, with a focus on Christianity and Islam.  Students are entered for their final GCSE RE exam at the end of Year 10, which has proved successful in gaining an early GCSE. 


At KS5 the Humanities Faculty currently offers Government & Politics, Religious Studies, History and Geography.  We are also offering a new AS in Classical Civilisations.