GCSE Religious Studies (WJEC)

Many of the beliefs and issues we study in GCSE Religious Studies are part of everyday life and so are relevant to everyone. We look at religious and moral issues and think through some of the big philosophical questions of life.

Religious Studies prepares you to work and deal with people of different cultures and beliefs, and helps to remove the ignorance, which causes prejudice, hatred and violence. Through studying this course, you will have the opportunity to explore beliefs in a safe and questioning environment so that you can become sure of your own values and explain them clearly to others

You have already started this course in Y9 and you will be taking the exam towards the end of Y10.



Unit 1: Religion and life issues (written exam – 50%)

You will explore four topics in this unit:

Relationships - Issues of love, marriage and divorce

Is it fair?  - Issues of justice and equality

Looking for meaning - Issues about God, life and death

Our World - Exploring creation and our place in the world


Unit 2: Religion and human experience (written exam – 50%)

You will explore four topics in this unit:

Religion and conflict - Issues of peace, forgiveness and conflict

Religion and medicine - Issues of medical ethics and the sanctity of life

Religious expression - Issues of expressing one’s faith

Authority: religion and state - Issues of law and order in religion and society