GCSE Latin (OCR)

Latin gives you the opportunity to study the language and literature of ancient Rome. You will experience elements of the culture, language and social and political life of the Roman civilisation that has inspired many later generations. As well as being exciting and inspiring, this course helps you to develop analytical skills and intellectual flexibility, which will be useful in a wide range of jobs or in further study. Latin is a widely-respected and increasingly rare subject in which to be qualified.



In all four units, you will be developing your skills in reading and writing in Latin. You will also explore how words in the English language have derived from Latin.

Unit 1: Latin Language 1 – Mythology & Roman Domestic Life (written exam – 25%)

You will learn about life and culture in Ancient Rome through studying stories from Roman mythology and contemporary accounts of domestic life. You will learn to read Latin fluently and to translate passages from Latin into English.

Unit 2: Latin Language 2 – Roman History (written exam – 25%)

You will learn about some key events in the history of Ancient Rome. Using your knowledge of Latin language, you will translate a passage about Roman history from English to Latin.

Unit 3: Latin Verse Literature (written exam – 25%)

You will study a passage from the epic poem The Aeneid by Virgil in the original Latin. You will learn about the use of literary effects such as simile, metaphor, alliteration, assonance in Latin, and will study the historical background of the poem.

Unit 4: Sources for Latin (written exam – 25%)

You will analyse primary source material such as archaeological artefacts, statues, texts (in English), and remains of buildings, to find out more about Roman civilisation. Topics for this unit include chariot racing, gladiators, the gods, women and Roman baths.