If you opt for drama you will get the opportunity to be creative and expressive. Your communication skills will be developed and this will enable you to become more articulate when you speak. You will also hone the skills needed to work co-operatively as part of a team. By the end of the course your confidence will have grown and every successful doctor, lawyer and accountant needs confidence!

But, it is not all about performing. There is a written component for the drama course, which is similar to GCSE English Literature, so be prepared to work with the same level of focus and commitment. As a drama student you will have the opportunity to attend West End theatres, take part in performance workshops with professional theatre practitioners and perform your work in our state-of-the-art Willoughby Theatre. 



In drama, students practical and written skills will be assessed.

Unit 1: Devising

This unit is worth 40% of the final mark where students explore how to create original performance work using set stimulus and write a reflective essay of their creative process.

Unit 2: Performance from Text

This is a full practical exam which involves you working as a part of a group to stage an extract or series of extracts from two different set play texts, this unit is worth 20% of the final mark and is assessed by an external examiner. 

Unit 3: Theatre Makers in Practice

This is a written examination (1hr and 30 mins) and is based on a set play text and an evaluation of the live play. This unit is worth 40% of the final mark.