Enterprise & Employability



This initiative is part of the J.P. Morgan Enterprise project at St Paul’s Way Trust School, an exciting and innovative programme to help inspire the next generation of budding entrepreneurs and to enhance the students employability skills.

The programme seeks to build on the foundations laid by a previous pilot scheme. A Director of Learning for Enterprise and Employability is working to develop an extensive programme of engagement with local businesses to create opportunities for work experience, internships and business mentoring. The team in school supports the micro-enterprises which have already started to become independent businesses and will help students throughout the school develop new ideas into real businesses.

Please find below a range of exciting and innovative initiatives developed through the project.


E&E Events and Activities

   In recognition of our contribution to the  Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 , we have been selected as the  winner of the High Impact Award   2015 .


In recognition of our contribution to the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015, we have been selected as the winner of the High Impact Award 2015.


Enterprise Strands

The Enterprise Project comprises three key areas, enterprises involving students, those involving community and employability opportunities. 

These are further divided into strands, presented below in alphabetic order:

The London College of Fashion and “Ada + Nik” (fashion designers) are working with us, developing a range of projects focusing on the fashion industry. This work is targeted at Y12 and Y13 students. A Y10 Faraday is also planned, focusing on the same theme, including the cosmetic industry.

We are in the process of transforming the roof garden so that it becomes a truly special place. A number of mini gardens have been created, Spanish Garden, Herb Garden, Wildlife Garden, Fruit and Vegetable Garden, Biodiversity Garden, Children’s Magical Garden, Butterfly Garden and a weather station. We have a number of tubs and troughs and in due course will be purchasing additional tubs so that these can be rented out to people in the community.


Enterprise Kitchen is a St Paul’s Way Trust School initiative, supported by the Food Academy and uses food as a way to motivate students and the community to develop an entrepreneurial attitude and start up food businesses. Many activities and events under this strand have already taken place in prestigious locations such as the Borough Market and Lancaster Hotel, helping students and our community to learn and be actively involved.

All retail enterprises are under this umbrella, including the Stationery Shop run by KS3 students, the work of 7G with Mohila Creations and Birdsong, and a range of other student-led initiatives including the development of a school bag, healthy sweets and a bespoke product range of cards and jigsaws.


The Team

The J.P. Morgan Enterprise & Employability project is being delivered by the following team members:

Ms Jan Iley, Director of Learning E&E

Mr Gary Lynch, E&E Coordinator School Based

Mr Kane WardE&E Coordinator Community Based

Ms Zakia ChowdhuryE&E Coordinator Community Based

Ms Sajeda BegumExternal Links Manager

Mr Jahed Hussain, E&E Apprentice

Mr Shaju Ahmed, Team Member

Mr Shojib Assan Ali, Team Member

Mr Shopon Yasin, Team Member

Mr Redwan Miah, Team Member