The English Faculty

The English Faculty seeks to ensure that all our students, regardless of their ability, have the opportunity to achieve their personal best. We provide an education that develops and challenges all students -  socially, emotionally, creatively and academically. We are unwavering in our commitment to instil the school’s six graduate values: communication, investigation, participation, networking, scholarship and vision. Our curriculum offers relevant, up-to-date courses with an emphasis on independent work, and critical and creative thinking. We strive constantly to develop students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. We use  challenging texts to take students’ minds to unfamilar places to encourage scholarship, critical thought and alternative interpretations.

The English Faculty is a place where students are encouraged to think for themselves, a place where such thinking is continually challenged and reviewed; where students are encouraged to speak out and hold their own opinions; where no opinion is wrong, and all are listened to. Investigation forms a central part of every lesson. Students explore language, themes, ideas and viewpoints before developing their own, and sharing with others. As a faculty we aim to build links with other areas of the school, providing cross-curricular activities for students, and encouraging student-led lessons and independent study.

All students study both GCSE English and GCSE English Literature at KS4. We firmly believe all students should have the chance to study and enjoy literature in its many different forms. To this end, we are one of the few schools where all students, whatever their ability, are entered for the Literature exam. Students can elect to study A Level English Literature post-16.


Students give of their best when their lessons are stimulating and challenging, and when they work together in a collaborative classroom. In this way, all students can achieve their full potential and enjoy their learning.