Jam Making Session

Fourteen Y7 students have been developing their original jam recipes with professional help from the chefs ‘Black Pig Catering’. They have perfected two recipes which went on sale on Friday 27th May at Piccadilly Market, St James’s Church, in central London.

Dega’s Cakes

Dega has been supplying her cakes to the Sixth Form Cafe and the Friday Market in school.

She is now in the process of developing her large scale catering skills, and working on orders above the dozen.

Dega was also in charge of the catering for the Graduate Strand Awards celebrations on Thursday 26th May 2016.

Initiating Enterprise, Ensuring Employability

JP Morgan and SPWTS in Partnership

The evening of the 3rd of March 2016 was a celebration of the collaborative partnership between the school and J.P. Morgan, showing the work that has been undertaken with the Work Related Learning Programme, the Enterprise and Employability Project, the Mentoring relationships and the summer programme of Internships.

The fusion between parents, the local community, SPWTS, J.P. Morgan, distinguished guests and the children, during this event on the 31st floor at JPMorgan was very, very special. During the evening there were presentations by the students on significant aspects of the partnership. A range of interactive displays by both students and members of the community gave a flavour of many areas of the Enterprise and Employability Project which have been harnessed to date.

Networking opportunities permeated the event against a backdrop of stunning views across London. The evening was a significant moment in time in the journey of this collaborative partnership.


 From an extract from 'The Wharf':

The students took part in entrepreneurial programmes and summer internships supported by staff of J.P. Morgan, surprising everyone, most of all themselves, by their aptitude, ingenuity, application and zeal.
Two young designers displayed their fusion fashions, for example. They’re serious about making it big with Ziya London. They’re sourcing fabrics in Brick Lane and Green Street, squeezing clues from mentors and talking beading and branding like pros.

Hannora Loveday, our Headteacher, said:

“By nurturing enterprise among our students we are developing more enterprising learners, more resilient learners and learners that are a premium for employers.”

The full article from 'The Wharf' can be found here.

We are very grateful to J.P. Morgan for offering such opportunities and inspiration.

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Enterprise Kitchen - Piccadilly Market, St James’s Church, December 2015

Piccadilly Market - St James's Church 

SPWT students worked with the Food Academy and Executive Chef Ben Purton from the luxury 5 star Lancaster hotel, London, to create a range of exciting and innovative recipes. The students produced a range of festive treats which went on sale at Piccadilly Market, on the 8th December 2015, 10:00am - 5:30pm.

Enterprise Retail - Piccadilly Market, St James’s Church, December 2015

The Enterprise Retail Team Experiences Piccadilly Market

The Retail Enterprise team linked up with St James's Church in Piccadilly in a very exciting entrepreneurial event. Students and the community developed and sold a number of unique products in the vibrant and charming historical background of Piccadilly Market. Products for sale included Mohila Creations cards and gifts, glass baubles designed and created by the children from the art department, mugs and jigsaws designed and produced by a year 11 student as well as a range of bags decorated by the year 7 Golden Group.

Enterprise Kitchen and Enterprise Horticulture - Borough Market

Launch Event - A day at the Market for SPWT Students

Set in London’s most renowned food market, Borough Market, a source of exceptional British and international produce, this event launched the activities of the Enterprise Kitchen and the Enterprise Horticulture strands.

Our students, supported by the Food Academy, worked hard to give an exciting cookery demonstration, preparing delicious Bangladeshi food. In collaboration with the London Beekeeping Association, they extracted honey from the comb and packaged it beautifully in personalised jars. The products, priced at £5 upwards, were sold in the in the Market Hall of Borough Market on the 23rd of September from 11:30am until closing time. The students and products generated much interest and the public’s response was both warm and positive.

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The Launch Pad - Enterprise Summer School 2015

A five day intensive journey to becoming
an entrepreneur

As part of the J.P. Morgan Enterprise project at St Paul’s Way Trust School, an exciting and innovative Enterprise Summer School was launched in August 2015 for the next generation of budding entrepreneurs. The concept was ‘A five day intensive journey to becoming an entrepreneur’; the week enabled students to explore a real business opportunity in a practical and exciting format. In a grand finale the business ideas were pitched to a panel of investors with the opportunity of receiving funding to act as a launch pad for students to develop sustainable businesses within the school and community.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week

In recognition of our contribution to the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015, we have been selected as the winner of the High Impact Award 2015.

Global Entrepreneurship Week offered an opportunity to demonstrate whole school impact and embedding of enterprise into the curriculum.  We were delighted to receive the High Impact Host award which acknowledged the work undertaken by the school during Global Entrepreneurship Week, 16-20 November 2015.

It was an inspirational week and a full programme of activities was delivered in celebration. We would like to say a most sincere thank you to the teams of staff, across the school, who offered so much support thus ensuring such success.  

Please see a summary of the week. 

A range of key note speakers delivered assemblies across the year groups this week, including: 
Mr Atul Patel [pharmacist] to Year 11. 
Ms Sharlene Gale [caterer, businesswoman and trainee paramedic] to Year 10
Mr Iain Lawrence [J.P. Morgan-Head of International Commercial Card division] to Year 12 and 13
Birdsong [on-line fashion retailers] to Year 8

Special Events

  1. Delicious street food was sold, by Year 9 students, at break on Tuesday to 6th form students, included a superb savoury rice dish, samosas, spring rolls and other delicacies. 
  2. The Food Academy delivered an intensive catering session to 12 Year 7 students in preparation for the Christmas markets at the after-school Enterprise Kitchen Club. 
  3. Five parents attended the Community Launch Pad on Wednesday, delivered by Graham Booth and two business mentors from Elba. 
  4. Mohila Creations carried on with business as usual, developing their products all day on Wednesday. 
  5. The Year 8 stationery cart also continued with business as usual, as did the Café, the ladies delivering a stream of lovely sandwich platters throughout the week for guests. 
  6. Shojib carried out a Cricket Level 2 assessment as part of his training to enable him to deliver cricket under Enterprise Sport. 
  7. Sajeda took a group of Year 10 students to Toynbee Hall on Thursday for a Tower Hamlets Enterprise challenge. 
  8. Friday afternoon was spent with Fashion Designers, Nik & Ada, listening to presentations from groups of students from Year 9, 12 and 13, who are doing innovative work with Enterprise Fashion. 
  9. Students from Year 10 presented to West Ham Football Club on Friday afternoon following the work they had been doing with the Club. 
  10. Finally, congratulations to Magda [Design and Technology] and Khalid from Year 11, in producing tangible items from Khalid’s art work that can be sold as a project range. This is a marvelous achievement and we are looking forward to seeing mugs, coasters, jigsaws, aprons, tablemats and cards for sale, in due course. Very well done.

Thank you again to everyone for your support and to the Enterprise Team, under Gary's direction, for making this happen. It has been a super week. 

Food Hygiene Workshop

It was wonderful to see twenty one parents, from the Foundation School in action on Friday 11th March, taking part in an interactive Food Hygiene workshop delivered by the Food Academy at St Paul's Way Trust School. As a result, a large number of the parents completed their Level 2 Certificate in Food Health & Hygiene and will now have opportunities to develop food related businesses through Enterprise Kitchen.